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Barnum Capital Management brings together a team of financial professionals with diverse backgrounds, different areas of expertise, a shared commitment to financial literacy, and an unwavering dedication to providing personalized advice and quality service.  Collectively, they have worked with clients through a variety of economic conditions, bull and bear stock market cycles, changes in political leadership both here and abroad, and a myriad of legislative and tax law changes.  Their focus is on developing a financial game plan for each client that helps keep them focused on their long-term goals, no matter what might be happening in the markets or the world around them.

Before joining Barnum Financial Group, Jim Ian had over a decade of financial experience, working as both a financial advisor and planner at Ameriprise Financial and as a sales leader at Prudential Investments.  The knowledge and insights he gained led him to develop a vision for a new financial planning practice which he launched at Barnum.

While growing his own practice, Jim served as a mentor to young advisors, both in his local office and throughout Barnum’s branch office system.  His combination of one-on-one coaching and practice management teaching sessions have had a positive impact on many at the firm and in the industry.

As his practice grew, Jim looked for other advisors who shared his commitment to the financial planning process and to utilizing financial education to help individuals make more informed financial decisions with greater confidence. He began working with Matthew Paulsen and Franco Piscitelli, both of whom joined Barnum after finishing college.  After several years, they decided to formalize their team.

In 2018, Jim, Matt, and Franco formed Barnum Capital Management as a strategic response to fundamental shifts in the financial needs of individuals and the increasing complexity they face trying to meet their long-term goals. Their belief is that individuals can achieve greater success when they work with an integrated team that offers comprehensive recommendations that factors in all the aspects of their life. This holistic approach helps clients navigate change, including market cycles, tax reform, and technology innovations, while keeping their personal “big picture” clearly in view.

The Barnum Capital team is supported by Ashley Amendola, Samantha Tucker, and Dana Ian who share the same commitment and dedication to supporting and servicing each client.

Today, Barnum Capital Management has the vision, people, experience, and expertise you need to enable you to help preserve, protect, and grow your wealth for yourself and those you love.